Lotus Sustainable Products For Everyday Use

Water filters, clean cookers, solar solutions and e-bikes

All Lotus Sustainable Products 
Are Now Available At Lower Clearance Warehouse
10 Lees Street, Wynberg

Lotus Burn

The Lotus Burn Charcoal cook and grill uses 50% less charcoal and cooks faster than any ordinary coal stove. The non-slip pot stands grip any pots firmly to ensure you enjoy lekker cooking anywhere!

Lotus Solar

Sustainable light & energy for a better future. Expandable energy output for your home

Lotus e-Bike

The ultimate solution for eBiking fun: our Lotus eBike. There is simply no surface they can’t ride over because the durable and wide 4” tyres always provide maximum traction.

Our Filters

The Lotus H20 water filter modifies the crystalline structure of the minerals in the water to prevent limescale build up and other hard water problems. This lengthens the life of your pipes and water appliances, helps to keep your home and fixtures cleaner, and saves energy.