Enjoy Quality Water In Your Home

Winner of Israel’s National Pride Award.
Winner of Israel’s Business Breakthrough Award


    1. Compact, smart and suitable for all water supply systems
    2. Low cost, low maintenance, advanced solution for domestic water needs
    3. Easy to install and maintain
    4. Long term protection against limescale buildup for all water appliances
    5. Replaces water filters that take up space on your kitchen countertop or under the sink.
    6. Leaves in necessary and beneficial minerals
    7. Prevents limescale buildup in plumbing and water appliances
    8. Reduces hard water spots on shower doors and countertops
    9. Reduces chlorine
    10. Does not waste water
    11. Does not use salt
    12. Does not use electricity
    13. Better for you and the environment
    14. No need to buy bottled water
    15. No loss in water pressure
    16. No monthly maintenance fees
    17. Affordable for all

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