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In order to give you the benefits of clean and soft water, most whole house filters need two separate units (a filter and a softener), which add to your cost. The Lotus was engineered to solve both issues all in one compact unit. But even more important than cost, is the quality of the water that you get when using a Lotus filter. Most filters are carbon filters, which remove almost all of the chlorine in the water. Once all of the chlorine has been removed, your water is vulnerable to dangerous microorganisms. This means that as the water is going through your pipes, it may still collect whatever germs are in them. The Lotus leaves in just enough chlorine so that as the water travels through your pipes it is still able to kill any bacteria or germs that may have settled in the pipes, no matter what faucet they lead to. This ensures you that your water will always be germ free. But, not only is the water germ free, it is healthy. When removing the hardness from the water, the Lotus leaves in essential minerals that other salt based water softeners take out.

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